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Drone Scope 360 provides aerial inspection with AI technology for storm damage identification, aerial images and measurements.  We know that there is so much more to inspecting damage that it requires all the right tools to see the whole picture.  We utilize drones for 3 and 4 story residential coastal properties and large commercial buildings that just make tradition inspection processes difficult.

When there is wide spread damages from a catastrophic event such as hurricanes and fires, you need the mapping details provided by drone and software technology.  A birds-eye view with ortho imagery.

In addition to drone technology, 360 virtual tours allow you walk through the property to see the detail in every room.  This is extremely beneficial to appraisers and attorneys involved with claim disputues.   


Having written thousands of claims, with large loss experience, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, we can work with you in many capacities.  Gathering data with the advanced tools, writing estimates, understanding of the claims process, we can provide data you need.


Aerial Inspections

We can provied aerial imagery, hail damage detection and roof diagrams of residential and commercial properties. 



An orthomosaic map is ideal for catastrophic events with a birds -eye view of the widespread damage. 


360 Virtual Tours

A virtual walk through of the property 360 degrees with a floor plan.  Ideal for residential and commercial sales along with insurance damage appraisals or underwiritng.  


Estimating and Appraisal

We provide Xactimate estimating for claims including photo report, sketch and diagrams.


Do you need a competent Appraiser with experience?  I can help! 

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