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Includes a professional photo report with overviews and close ups of damage and roof components.

Example provided to the right.


If you don't have a roof diagram available, which could be the case with new construction or they are too expensive, we can provide one to you.  Residential or commercial.

Ortho Maps

A link will be provided to you that contains a 3D model of the property that you can manipulate and zoom in on all features of the property.  Point to Point measuring can also be utilized for additional data. 

Roof diagram.jpg
3D Model.jpg


We utilize HOVER to provide you with roof/elevation diagrams and measurements.

Front Elevation Diagram.jpg


Damage Detection.JPG

Drone Scope 360 is committed to safe drone operations.  Our lightweight, battery operated aircraft are remotely piloted from a safe distance and are always keeping a visual line of sight on the aircraft.

Our aircraft and flight controllers are capable of automated flight to ensure that in the rare event of signal loss, our aircraft can land itself at a predetermined location away from any structures.  When flying our drones, we activate all sensors while flying to avoid any collisions with trees, power lines or buildings.  

Our pilots are professionally trained in pre-flight, flying the aircraft and landing procedures.  We will conduct a visual walk around of the property to get a sense of the buildings, trees, power lines and any ground obstructions.  This is important as we will be walking around the property to always keep the aircraft in our visual line of sight.  

As a commercial drone service company, a priority of our service is to stay current on all applicable regulations.  We primarily operate under the Part 107 which allows us to fly commercially under strict guidelines set by the FAA.

Our Pilots must stay in compliance with the FAA at all times to operate aircraft.  We will provide documentation to our clients and their customers to show we are licensed with the FAA, insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 of liability coverage and aircraft registration.  We will also provide an authorization form to the property owner for permission to fly above their home or business.

Prior to flying any property, we conduct a pre-flight check list to make sure our pilot is authorized to fly in the current airspace. We will maintain flying under 400', keep visual line of sight, will not fly directly over people or animals, fly in uncontrolled (Class G) airspace and fly during daylight hours. 

As drones continue to emerge and thrive on the commercial market, it is important to protect yourself, persons and property by hiring a legal drone operator.  

Drone Scope is committed to offering safe and legal commercial drone operations at all times.  Our clients know that they can trust us to be their drone experts, we hope you will too.

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